Satellite Data

Daily satellite data provide near real-time and historical forest metrics.

Forest Analytics

Get valuable forest insights to maximize your estate.

Insect Control

Detect infested regions early to mitigate spreading damages.

Fallen Trees

Track forest changes and be prepared when a storm strikes.

ESA Awarded App

Precise Damage Assessment and Sustainable Forest Management

Satellite-based monitoring inherently covers large areas and offers a quick and efficient alternative to existing methods involving helicopters, light aircraft, UAVs or drones.

ESA App Challenge

Insects prevention

Detect infected areas early to prevent loss of value.

Forest fires

Track dry areas that are more susceptible to forest fires.

Storm damages

Assess storm affected areas and coordinate harvesting actions.


Analyse site quality class and other forest performance metrics.

Live monitoring

We offer global coverage of satellite data analytics.


Nurture your forest with accurate information for optimal return.

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